Are your employees mission ready? Do they understand what it takes to lead? Are they engaged, motivated and able to tackle real-world issues while also achieving a competitive advantage incorporating future vision?

In today’s knowledge-based work environment, it is vital to unleash rather than limit the human potential available.

Effective leadership is grounded in authentic values. Inspiring trust, demonstrating integrity, creating cross-functional teams and leveraging individual differences are crucial business elements needed to positively impact the bottom line and create a solid organizational foundation.

Soul Knowledge, Inc.'s founder, Kristi Petersen, believes Plato’s assertion “all learning is simply remembering” is business relevant today Our coaching, training and speaking services assist people in finding their own effective leadership style through a process of self-discovery and self-awareness.

We offer:

·         High-Energy, Interactive Workshops and Intensive Single and Multi-Day Events that promote 

           leadership and management skill development while enhancing organizational commitment

·         Custom-Designed Leadership Training to meet your specific business needs

·         People Management and Team Leadership training

·         Leading Virtual Teams and Global Management training

·         One-on-One Coaching to aid executives and rising leaders in achieving critical business results

·         Individual Assessments to aid in leveraging strengths while encouraging growth

·         Team and Organizational Assessments to build relationships and eliminate internal fighting

·         Motivational Speaking events to create vision and inspire people to excel